Nelson Schedules Kucinich Fundraisers

Willie Nelson has scheduled three fundraising concerts for Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

As promised, Willie Nelson has scheduled three fundraising concerts for Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. The shows are set for Sept. 1 in Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 6 in Cleveland and Sept. 13 in Madison, Wis. Venue and ticket information has not been announced.

"We connect from heart to heart in the sense of connecting over the plight of farmers, workers," Kucinich recently told Washington, D.C.-based newspaper The Hill. "Willie identifies that I come from the beginnings that are not unlike the beginnings of a lot of Americans."

Along with the concerts, Nelson is also voicing two radio commercials for the four-term Ohio Congressman's campaign. A 60-second and 30-second spot will begin airing this week in Iowa, and can be sampled on Kucinich's campaign Web site.

With the strains of his 1980 hit "On the Road Again" in the background, the outlaw country music icon says, "Hey Iowa. This is Willie Nelson. I don't usually get too involved in politics, but I'm supporting Congressman Dennis Kucinich for president. I know Dennis and I know he speaks up for heartland Americans who need a stronger voice."

Iowa is the site of the first major political event in the race for the presidency. The first presidential primary, the Iowa Caucus, will be held Jan. 19, 2004, and its tremendous media coverage often vaults candidates who perform well into the national spotlight.

Kucinich, who is expected to officially announce his candidacy around the U.S. Labor Day holiday (Sept. 1), is one of nine candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

A committed vegan who supports family farms, universal health care, environmental renewal and clean energy, Kucinich has drawn support from the music and film communities. Among those who have contributed to the Congressman's campaign, according to a recent report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, are contemporary blueswoman Bonnie Raitt, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, and actors Ed Norton, Ben Affleck, Jeff Bridges, James Cromwell, Eric Roberts and Larry Hagman.

And along with Nelson, Kucinich's Web site features a recent backstage picture of him with outspoken musician-activist Ani DiFranco.