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'Emotional' Rescue

BTBT has always straddled the fence of dance/electronic and pop/rock. As a producer and remixer, he has worked with Madonna, Sarah McLachlan, Deep Dish and Seal, among others. He has also released three genre-blurring artist albums and scored two No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

With the release this week of his new artist album, the powerful and personal "Emotional Technology" (Nettwerk America), BT inches ever closer to modern rock artist status -- without sacrificing his dance/electronic roots or the beat of his own drum.

For BT (aka Brian Transeau), there are no boundaries when it comes to creating and consuming music. "I realize this album is a leap forward artistically for me," BT says. "I am putting myself on the chopping block with this one." Unlike past albums, where his voice was kept to a minimum, "Emotional Technology" spotlights the artist's vocal skills -- as well as his compositional and production prowess.

That said, BT does feature a few singers on "Emotional Technology": 'N Sync's JC Chasez ("Force of Gravity"), actress Rose McGowan and Girls Against Boys' Scott McCloud ("Superfabulous"), Jan Johnston ("Communicate") and Gang Starr's Guru ("Knowledge of Self"), among others. The set's lead single, "Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist)" is already a top five hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.