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'Under' The Influence

WesFormer Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland resurfaces on this week on Lakeshore's soundtrack to Sony's upcoming vampire flick "Underworld." Borland appears in a supergroup dubbed the Damning Well, which also features A Perfect Circle's Josh Freese, Filter's Richard Patrick and Nine Inch Nails contributor Danny "Renhold" Lohner.

The Damning Well's "Awakening," which opens the soundtrack, is Borland's first major project since leaving Limp Bizkit. Also unique to the soundtrack is new project from Tool/A Perfect Circle vocalist Keenan dubbed Puscifer. Keenan recorded the song "REV 20:20" with Lohner and also teamed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante for a remix of David Bowie's "Bring Me the Disco King." The latter will appear in its original form on Bowie's upcoming ISO/Columbia album, "Reality."

Former Helmet leader Page Hamilton also resurfaces on the soundtrack, contributing the song "Throwing Punches," while Skinny Puppy donates the previously unreleased "Omptimissed." "Underworld" will be released Sept. 19 in U.S. theaters and stars Kate Beckinsale as a vampire warrior locked in a decades-long battle with a clan of werewolves.