Natural Light

This is Bibb's fifth U.S.

This is Bibb's fifth U.S. release, and it will go down as one of the best albums in his discography—whether it ends at five or runs well into the double digits. Bibb's native eclecticism may challenge some radio programmers, but it is his greatest artistic strength, and he fully indulges his wide variety of influences on "Natural Light." His acoustic blues number "Guru Man Blues" is not only a sweet bit of country blues but also a witty insight into human frailty. "Lucky Man Rag" is, as the title suggests, a ragtime tune that Bibb assays in classic fashion. His feel for gospel music shines through on "Right on Time," and he performs with equal grace in covering John Randall's folk tune "Circles." Bibb ends the album with a very hip, zydeco-inspired cover of the Jackie Wilson pop gem "Higher and Higher."—PVV