Hoobastank's second album is done and due out Dec. 2 via Island, but it still has no name. "Everyday we go, 'OK, today's the day we will come up with a title,'" vocalist Doug Robb says while laughing.

Hoobastank's second album is done and due out Dec. 2 via Island, but it still has no name. "Everyday we go, 'OK, today's the day we will come up with a title,'" vocalist Doug Robb says with a laugh. "Then the whole day passes and we say the same thing the next day."

The set will be the follow-up to the band's self-titled 2001 debut, which spawned the singles "Running Away" and "Crawling in the Dark," both top-3 hits on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart and top-10 entries on the Mainstream Rock Tracks tally. The album peaked at No. 25 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 1 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"We were gonna call the record 'From the Guys Who Brought You "Crawling in the Dark" and "Running Away"' or 'Hoobastank Scmoobastank,'" he jokes, recalling the working titles the bandmembers amused themselves with during the recording process. "Actually, we're thinking about songs on the record [for a possible title], but we haven't chosen one yet. It might come down to the artwork. We've been looking at a few different ideas and we might choose a title that fits according to that."

The first taste of the new set will come in October with the radio single, "Out of Control," one among the heavier songs on the album according to Robb. "Vocally it has the most aggressiveness. It's got a really heavy pre-chorus [which is] where 'Out of Control' is sung or screamed or spoken."

"I don't think we sat around and thought that we had to have a song that's like the last album," he continues. "If anything, we might have said that we have to write something different than that. Even though we had some success with the first record, we didn't want to make the same one twice."

Robb says a track titled "Disappear" is his favorite song on the new set. "That's really mellow. The chorus and the harmonies almost sound country, and have this almost country feel to it. Some people may go, 'I don't know what you're talking about,' but for some reason it feels like our version of a country song."

The band will return to the road Oct. 2 in Toronto for the kick-off of the Nokia Unwired tour. Also on the bill will be All-American Rejects, Diffuser and Ozomatli.

"I think we're all excited to play some new stuff because we're really tired of playing the whole first record," Robb says, laughing.

That said, don't expect to hear a long set of the new unfamiliar album months before it's released. "We're going to have to slowly wean people on to it," he explains. "I think if we play nine or 10 songs, we'll probably have three new ones. Nobody wants to come and hear a bunch of songs that they don't know, even if they're huge fans."

In late August, Hoobastank was abruptly pulled off the road when guitarist Dan Estrin was hurt in a motorbike accident prior to a show in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Estrin underwent surgery to remove a blood clot caused by a small fracture in his skull.

"Dan is recovering really well," Robb says. "He seems, to me, fully recovered. But I know he's still getting some pretty gnarly headaches. The whole accident has thrown his body clock off. He wakes up at like seven in the morning and goes to bed at 10, which is pretty normal for a lot of people, but not for us! We're used to waking up at 11:30 [a.m.] and going to bed at three or four."

Having endured his own bike accident about two months ago, Robb admits, "Motorcycles and this band seem like not a great mix." So, do they plan to give up the two wheelers? "No, we're stupid," he laughs. "So, I'll probably be back on it."

That said, Estrin is expected to be back in fighting shape for the tour. "Everything's a go," Robb says of the road plans. "It should be fun."