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Dave Matthews

'Devil' In The Details

DMBDave Matthews says he didn't know "what I was gonna do with all this" when he first began writing for his first project, "Some Devil," due this week from RCA. "And then it all started to fall together and get personality, and started to sound a little more legitimate. Going into it, it just seemed like a good therapy, ya know? And then it started to really take on some personality. [After a few months] we started thinkin', 'We might be makin' something worthwhile here.'"

Matthews is backed on the 13-track album by longtime sideman Tim Reynolds, bassist Tony Hall (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson) and drummer Brady Blade Jr. (Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris). Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio appears on four tracks and co-wrote the song "Grey Blue Eyes." A video for "Gravedigger" was shot in Livingston, Mont., by director Mark Pellington (Pearl Jam, U2).

The songs "Gravedigger" and "Stay or Leave" were born as potential Dave Matthews Band songs, but Matthews says "they didn't ever really sit in with the band. They never really got their heads above the water. They never really developed, and I'm not sure what the reasoning was, maybe just the wrong day. They're songs that I like, so I was messing with those, but I was also messing with other ideas."

Dave Matthews Band plays a benefit concert Wednesday (Sept. 24) in New York's Central Park. The artist is expected to tour solo in an as-yet-unannounced incarnation in the coming months.