Phish Drummer Jon Fishman Shows Love for Bernie Sanders at Rally in Maine

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty
Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, acknowledges applause at a campaign stop on March 2, 2016, in Portland, Maine.

Phish drummer Jon Fishman feels the Bern.

Bernie Sanders rally-goers in Portland, Maine, got a special treat on Wednesday (March 2) when the Vermont senator brought out Fishman, who played drums with the Kenya Hall Band and spoke to Sanders supporters.

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"Let me thank one of Vermont's heroes who is now transplanted: Jon Fishman," Sanders said. "Jon and Phish have made New England proud. They are one of the great bands, have been one of the great bands in this country."

Fishman's vocal support for Sanders dates back to his campaign for a seat in the Senate in 2006. Earlier this month, Fishman lent his voice to a campaign video for Sanders, where he can be seen wearing a Bernie 2016 T-shirt.

"I am supporting Bernie Sanders because I have been watching him for 32 years," Fishman said. "I moved to Burlington the year he became mayor, I watched his campaign there, and I found him to be an honest person who worked very hard to get done the things that he said he would. I don't personally know anyone else in politics that I have had that experience with or feel that way about."

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