Halsey on 2016 Presidential Election: 'I Love Bernie Sanders So Much'

Halsey 2016
Gus Stewart/Redferns

Halsey performs on stage at the O2 Academy Brixton on Feb. 23, 2016 in London, England. 

As he awaits the results of Super Tuesday, which may very well make or break his candidacy, Bernie Sanders can take reassurance in the fact that many of music's biggest stars stand steadfastly behind him -- including perhaps one of his biggest fans, Halsey.

The "New Americana" singer recently spoke with Billboard about her passionate feelings for the potential Democratic presidential candidate, who has relied on the support of the 21-year-old's millennial generation to keep his grassroots campaign surging ahead.

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"I love Bernie Sanders. I love Bernie Sanders so much," Halsey began when asked for her thoughts on the election, before launching into what she sees as the fundamental problem between politicians and voters -- an issue she believes the Vermont Senator has overcome.

"The hardest thing about politics is the disconnect between politicians and the people. Politicians being in the position where they so often have more money than the people they're supposed to represent, or they so often have more privilege than the people they're supposed to represent, or they have less to fear than the people they represent... Bernie Sanders, who quite literally marched next to MLK, I feel is a really important candidate to have and an important role model for people to look up to."

Halsey has enjoyed her own meteoric rise since releasing her debut album Badlands last year, and made headlines by selling out her Madison Square Garden concert this coming August in less than three weeks, after historically playing only small clubs of several hundred. Since having a bigger spotlight on her, she has been outspoken in the press and on social media in matters of gender, sexuality and mental health.

"Before I started making music there were always people in the music industry, or on Wall Street, or these hedge fund guys -- anyone making a ton of money would always say, 'Oh you'll understand why I support X candidate whenever you start making millions of dollars,'" she recalled. "I could make $10 billion and there is no amount of money that is worth more to me than the protection of human rights and the protection of people who need it the most.

"They say that a country is truly defined by the way that they treat their most vulnerable citizens -- whether it's their weak, their elderly, their sick, their minorities -- and America has very far to go if we want to be taken seriously," Halsey states.

"And I think Bernie is that guy."