Imagine Dragons Shares Exclusive Clip From Concert Film: Watch It Here

Imagine Dragons
Patricia Seaton

Imagine Dragons: Smoke + Mirrors Concert

Imagine Dragons intends its new Imagine Dragons In Concert: Smoke + Mirrors film -- showing March 2 in select theaters -- to tide over fans while the group itself does a bit of a disappearing act.

"This is the year we're going to actually take time off," frontman Dan Reynolds tells Billboard. "We haven't stopped in, like, six years, so we've forced ourselves to at least take a year off. That's set in stone for each of us. And I think everybody's a little confused right now. I'm walking on the grass in front of my home and realizing I haven't even done that yet, and we've had this home for two years."

"So I think everybody's going to just try to learn how to be a normal person, catch up with family, reconnect with friends and be social human beings and normal people again," he says. "It'll be nice to take it a day at a time and not have a tour manager telling me what I'm gonna do today. I just think we need a break from Imagine Dragons and I think the world needs a break from Imagine Dragons, and I don't blame them. It'll be good to just take some time off and see where our heads are."

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Reynolds and company aren't worried about losing their creative mojo during the hiatus, however. "We'll all be writing," he promises. "I wrote a song yesterday. That's just part of life. That's what keeps me going every day is writing music. So we'll continue to write, for sure." In fact, Imagine Dragons even released a pair of non-album singles, "Roots" and "I Was Me," during the latter part of 2015 in lieu of more singles from the chart-topping Smoke + Mirrors album.

"It's just a different music climate," Reynolds says of the songs. "I feel like we live in a day and age right now where if you have music and it's ready, why not put it out? That's kind of what happened with both of those songs. I mean, people are dropping an album and then the next week dropping a mixtape and then doing nothing for six months and then dropping three albums." But Reynolds doesn't think that will change Imagine Dragons' resolve during the coming year. "I want to say no just because we've all 100 percent promised each other we're gonna do a blackout. If we do put a song out, it definitely won't be anything we promote or put on a tour for or anything like that."

So for now, Imagine Dragons In Concert: Smoke + Mirrors will have to suffice (head here for details). The show was filmed last July 4 in Toronto, and the presence of cameras gave the performance an extra jolt. "Yeah, that night felt special," Reynolds says. "I remember walking offstage being very happy, like knowing this was a good night to capture and there was a special energy in the room. I just hoped that it would translate on film, and I think it really captures it."  

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Reynolds also considers the film a cap for Imagine Dragons' frenetic and successful past three and a half years. "This has been such a crazy few years of our life I think we'd be really remiss not to document it," Reynolds says. "A lot of it's been, like, a blur. I can hardly remember half of it because the pace was just non-stop. And this (Smoke + Mirrors) tour was really special; we really put a lot into the production value of it and all of us were really proud of how it turned out and we wanted to capture it and have it to hang on to and also give it to our fans to hold onto the experience as well, or to see if they weren't able to get to the show. Growing up I hardly ever got to go to concerts, so a lot of my favorite shows were on DVDs, so I want to give that experience to our fans, too."