Pearl Jam Rescues Its 'Lost Dogs'

Pearl Jam will trot out 31 rare and previously unreleased tracks from its archives on the long-in-the-works collection "Lost Dogs." It's a veritable treasure-trove for fans, as it includes 11 songs th

Pearl Jam will trot out 31 rare and previously unreleased tracks from its archives on the long-in-the-works collection "Lost Dogs." As first reported here, the two-disc set will be issued Nov. 11 by Epic, on the same day as the double-disc DVD "Live at the Garden."

"Lost Dogs" is a veritable treasure-trove for Pearl Jam fans, as it includes 11 songs that have never been released in any form. Among them are "All Night," which appeared on preliminary track lists for the 1996 album "No Code"; the "Binaural"-era outtakes "In the Moonlight," "Fatal," "Sweet Lew" and "Education"; and several songs of unknown origin, such as "Sad," "Hitchhiker" and "Don't Gimme No Lip."

"I guess it's still one of my early '90s riffs," drummer Matt Cameron tells of "In the Moonlight," which he wrote. "It's very grungry and slow."

The album is rounded out by studio B-sides spanning the group's 13-year career, from early favorites such as "Alone," "Wash," "Footsteps" and "Dirty Frank" to more recent fare such as "U," "Down" and "Undone." An appearance by longtime concert closer "Yellow Ledbetter" is set, and "Lost Dogs" will host the vintage outtake "Hard To Imagine," which appeared on the 1998 Loosegroove soundtrack to "Chicago Cab" but never on a Pearl Jam studio release.

"Lost Dogs" also collects tracks from Pearl Jam's numerous compilation and benefit album appearances, such as 1996's "Gremmie Out of Control" and 1999's "Whale Song," from the "Music for Our Mother Ocean" compilations and a cover of the High Numbers' "Leaving Here" from 1996's "Home Alive" benefit. A 1999 cover of J. Frank Wilson's "Last Kiss," which at No. 2 is the highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 single of Pearl Jam's career, makes the cut as well.

Several cuts are featured from the group's annual holiday single for members of its Ten Club fan organization, including "Drifting," "Strangest Tribe," "Angel" and "Let Me Sleep."

Meanwhile, additional details have come to light regarding "Live at the Garden," taped July 8 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Bonus features include a solo performance of the B-side "Dead Man" by frontman Eddie Vedder, a version of the Hunters And Collectors' "Throw Your Arms Around Me" featuring that band's Mark Seymour, a reel of band outtakes set to "Down" and a collection of crew outtakes set to "All Those Yesterdays."

In a further nod to the collaborative spirit of Pearl Jam's 2003 Riot Act tour, the DVD includes a montage of guest performances from the likes of Johnny Marr, the Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome, former Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons, Steve Earle, Sleater-Kinney and Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson, among others.

As reported yesterday, Pearl Jam will play an Oct. 22 acoustic concert at Seattle's Benaroya Hall, with proceeds to benefit the local YouthCare center for at-risk and homeless children. The group will also be on hand Oct. 25 for its sixth appearance at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit outside San Francisco.

Here is the track list for "Lost Dogs":

Disc one:
"All Night" (previously unreleased)
"Sad" (previously unreleased)
"Down" (2002 B-side)
"In the Moonlight" (previously unreleased)
"Hitchhiker" (previously unreleased)
"Don't Gimme No Lip" (previously unreleased)
"Alone" (1993 B-side)
"Education" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)
"U" (1998 B-side)
"Black, Red, Yellow" (1996 B-side)
"Leaving Here" (from 1996 "Home Alive" benefit album)
"Gremmie Out of Control" (from 1996 "MOM" benefit album)
"Whale Song" (from 1999 "MOM III" benefit album)
"Undone" (2002 B-side)
"Hold On" (previously unreleased)
"Yellow Ledbetter" (1992 B-side)

Disc two:
"Fatal" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)
"Other Side" (2002 B-side)
"Hard To Imagine" (from 1998 "Chicago Cab" soundtrack)
"Footsteps" (1992 B-side)
"Wash" (1991 B-side)
"Dead Man" (1996 B-side)
"Strangest Tribe" (from 1999 fan-club single)
"Drifting" (from 1999 fan-club single)
"Let Me Sleep" (from 1991 fan-club single)
"Angel" (from 1993 fan-club single)
"Last Kiss" (from 1999 "No Boundaries" benefit album)
"Sweet Lew" (previously unreleased 2000 outtake)
"Dirty Frank" (1991 B-side)
"Brother Instrumental" (previously unreleased)
"Bee Girl" (previously unreleased)