Jennifer Lopez Twerks in New 'Ew!' Sketch with Jimmy Fallon: Watch

Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez in "Ew!"

Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez in "Ew!"

Jimmy Fallon scored his one and only entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Ew!," the goofy teen-angst viral hit with from 2014 (it reached No. 26). 

The late night host has gone back to the source material, this time with Jennifer Lopez

Jimmy Fallon's 'Ew!' Hits Real-Time Trending 140 Chart -- Is Hot 100 Next?

Fallon and Lopez get their piggy tails on as BFFs Sara and Gabby for a sketch full of selfies, moans about their “worst day ever” ("my dad joined SnapChat, and he friended me!") and a J.Lo twerk that will have viewers going…”ewwwwwww.”

Check out the new "Ew!" sketch from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.