Valentine's Day in Music: These 18 Songs Surge on YouTube Every Year (Exclusive)

Valentine's Day Songs
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Forget flowers and chocolates -- music is the best medium to show that special someone you care about them on Valentine's Day.

Chances are pretty high that either in earnestness, as a joke, or a mixture of the two, you've sent someone a YouTube link to a romantic tune on V-Day.

So which tunes benefit the most from a Valentine's Day boost? YouTube has exclusively shared data with Billboard about the only 18 songs that experience a 50 percent increase in views specifically on Feb. 14.

To get this data, YouTube looked at which well-known songs (defined as songs that get "at least 20,000 views a day outside of Valentine's Day") experienced a global V-Day spike from 2012 to 2015. Across those four holidays, 18 songs saw an increase of at least 50 percent compared to that song's average daily views across January, March, April and May each year, looking at the same weekday per year.

50 Most Romantic Songs of All Time

Barry White, the voice of baby-making, pops up twice on this list, as does Argentine artist Axel. Perhaps surprising (at least for Americans) is that 10 of these 18 songs aren't in English: seven are sung in Spanish, three in Italian, and eight in English.

Another oddity: Only one song here is from a woman (Laura Pausini), which indicates the world favors sharing love songs performed by men on Valentine's, at least via YouTube.

And yes, one of these songs has its roots in Disney: Elton John's "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King. Incidentally, that song earned John the 1994 best original song Oscar, the same award Stevie Wonder nabbed a decade earlier for his entry on this list, "I Just Called to Say I Love You," which appeared in the 1984 film The Woman In Red.

Check out the full list below.