'Simpsons' Meme Generator Arrives: Celebrate With 5 Favorite Music Moments

The Simpsons
Courtesy of Fox

Maggie, Marge, Lisa, Homer and Bart in The Simpson.

Paradise is here in the form of, an incredibly useful, much-needed tool for any online Simpsons fanatic.

Frinkiac, named after The Simpsons' Jerry Lewis-like Professor Frink, allows you to create endless memes from the first 15 seasons of The Simpsons. To get any Simpsons screengrab, just search for a line of dialogue pertaining to the moment you're looking for in the site's search engine. Several images pop up -- click the one that best fits, tweak the text, click "make meme" and you'll be the Pope of Chili Town.

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According to one of the three minds behind the project, this database of nearly 3 million screenshots will leave you feeling "like God must feel when he's holding a gun."

In celebration of this technological terror (wait, wrong geek reference), here are my five favorite Simpsons music-related moments: Mr. Burns' grudge against the Ramones, Nelson at an Andy Williams concert, Disco Stu's pitch for investing in disco, Homer's lengthy defense of Grand Funk Railroad (excerpted) and Homer meeting George Harrison.

Make your own right here.