Martin Shkreli Compares Himself to GZA, Plays Wu-Tang Clan Album During 'Vice' Interview

Martin Shkreli
 Paul Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Martin Shkreli, chief investment officer of MSMB Capital Management, photographed in 2011. 

In a new Vice video interview, pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli discusses his securities fraud charges and his notorious drug-price gouging and even plays that Wu-Tang Clan album he bought in the background.

After a short-lived game of chess, Shkreli and Vice correspondent Allie Conti sit and discuss the Wu-Tang record in its embossed casing, of which he purchased the lone copy last year. Shkreli compares himself to to GZA, saying, “I think personally I see the GZA and me as like… it sounds silly. I see him in me and I hope vice-versa. He’s like the scientist rapper.”

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When asked if the world will ever hear the full album, Shkreli is ambivalent. "Other than right now, it depends. It depends on the world. I can see myself in a world where I break it, and I’ve seriously considered that. Snap it in half and bury the remains so no one tries to reconstruct it," he tels Conti. "I’ve seen a world where I give it away for free and I’ve seen a world where I charge for it. If people want to hear it, I’ll put it out. If they don’t want to hear it, if they don’t appreciate the Wu-Tang for what I think it is, that’s fine too."

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He concludes: "Who knows? Maybe the feds will own it soon." 

Watch the Vice interview below: