James Murphy Apologizes for LCD Soundsystem Reunion, Promises 2016 Album

LCD Soundsystem
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LCD Soundsystem performs at Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011 in New York City. 

From Cher to the Eagles to Jay Z, music fans are used to seeing a favorite artist call it quits only to return from retirement with massive world tours and/or albums.

But when LCD Soundsystem called it quits with a farewell Madison Square Garden concert (which got its own documentary) in 2011, there was the expectation that James Murphy's outfit truly was done. Perhaps the word of an indie auteur is trusted more than promises from a rock star; or maybe it was Murphy repeatedly stating LCD was done in interviews, but people believed the band was wrapping and fought hard (and paid dearly) to catch their sold-out run of goodbye shows at NYC's Terminal 5 and MSG.

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So when we officially learned that LCD was not only returning to play Coachella 2016, but was returning with new music and touring the country, a lot of fans felt like they'd been had. And now, James Murphy is apologizing -- not for reuniting, but for anyone who feels like he let them down.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Murphy admits he wasn't expecting fans to feel betrayed by LCD's return. "In my naiveté I hadn’t seen one thing coming: there are people who don’t hate us at all, in fact who feel very attached to the band, and have put a lot of themselves into their care of us, who feel betrayed by us coming back and playing. who had traveled for or tried to go to the MSG show, and who found it to be an important moment for them, which now to them feels cheapened. i just hadn’t considered that. i know—ridiculous on my part. i saw some comments online a few days ago from people who felt that way, and it blindsided me, and made me incredibly sad."

As for Murphy bringing LCD back from the dead, he explains that he toyed with the idea of a solo career but ultimately decided he'd rather make music with LCD pals Pat Mahoney and Nancy Whang.

After approaching them with the new music, Murphy writes, "They both said 'let’s make an LCD record.' you see, if they didn’t want to, which i’d half assumed, then there’s no such thing as LCD. imagine this: me making a record, calling it LCD, and then you go to the show and there’s just some guy playing drums over there, or some other person playing keyboards. horrifying. then imagine this: i make a 'james murphy' record, or, i don’t know, an 'everteen' record, or whatever made-up name i come up with, and there’s pat playing drums, and nancy. maybe al [Doyle] isn’t too busy with hot chip so he comes to play. what the fuck is that? here were our choices: 1. make music with your friends and call it something else, which seems hilarious (everteen) or egomaniacal to the point of sociopathic (james murphy solo record). 2. make music, but WILLFULLY EXCLUDE your friends because of the horrors in option 1. 3. make an LCD record with your friends, who want to make said record, and deal with whatever fall-out together."

Apologies aside, Murphy's lengthy letter also contains an important news update: Not only is the outfit touring in 2016, but they're recording a new album.

"We’re not just having some reunion tour. we’re releasing a record (sometime this year—still working on it, actually), so this isn’t a victory lap or anything, which wouldn’t be of much interest to us. this is just the bus full of substitute teachers back from their coffee break with new music and the same weird gear."

You can read the full thing below. 

let’s just start this thing finally with some clarity.i write songs all the time. sometimes they’re just weird songs...

Posted by LCD Soundsystem on Tuesday, January 5, 2016