'Rick and Morty' Cartoon Now Has Its Own Dance Concept Album

Dance Bitch (Rick and Morty song)
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Dance Bitch (Rick and Morty song)

Musician/comedian Allie Goertz has just put out some of the winter’s most entrancing dance songs – inspired by an Adult Swim cartoon, of all things. Sad Dance Songs is the name of Goertz’s newest album and she is billing it as a "Rick And Morty Concept Album," whose songs incorporate the mood, themes and sound bites of that show created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, about an alcoholic scientist who time travels with his grandson.

Goertz, who also hosts a popular Simpsons podcast and manages social media for @midnight, stars in a new video for the album's melancholy but unshakable anthem "Look at Me," which features a cameo by animated producer and voice actor Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) and a chorus that warns, “Someday we will die. Let’s party tonight.” Well, there’s no clearer New Year’s mandate than that.

On the album's Bandcamp page Goertz, whose last album of "nerdy love songs" was the unfortunately titled Cossbysweater, writes, "If you've heard my music before, you know that this is a departure from my usual folky sound. While writing Sad Dance Songs, I experimented with bass, synth, electronic drums, and samples to match the beauty, darkness, and lunacy of the show." Beautiful lunacy is an apt description of the album, which she produced with money raised via Kickstarter and features nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot on the track "Look at Me." Even for those unfamiliar with the cartoon source material, these five tracks bounce from silly to searching like a soundtrack to a night hard won and not easily recovered from. "What will I do if I cannot fix you?" Goertz sings. Now there's a question for when the party is over.