Panic! at the Disco Channels Frank Sinatra in 'Death of a Bachelor' Video

Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor

Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor Video 

When Billboard caught up with Brendon Urie just a few weeks ago, the Panic! at the Disco frontman (really, at this point, he IS the band) told us, "I would have loved to see [Frank] Sinatra in the late '50s, early '60s -- like in the Sands in Vegas, just chain-smoking, drinking whiskey."

Sure enough, the music video for "Death of a Bachelor" -- the title track to Panic!'s upcoming album -- opens with Urie sitting alone at a table in an Art Deco jazz club, playing with a lighter and drinking whiskey.

Coincidence? Absolutely not. The latest P!ATD song oozes Ol' Blue Eyes vibes, through the distinct lens of Urie's voice and increasing sonic experimentation.

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While the subdued but swingin' horns on the track bring to mind frequent Sinatra arranger Nelson Riddle, Urie adds a stuttering beat to keep the song from being a purely throwback affair. Similarly, clipped vocal loops serve as backup voices, instead of one continuous track.

But when Urie's voice hits those big notes with Sinatra-styled gusto, there's no denying he's drawing inspiration from the late legend -- and, for someone who came up in the pop-punk scene, doing a surprisingly adept job at it.

"Death Of A Bachelor -- it’s cool 'cause in the past I was writing most of everything, but this time it was actually all me and I got to record every instrument on this album, except for the horns, which was a huge deal for me," Urie told Billboard. "I did drums, background vocals and the background vocals I was playing different characters, I was doing operatic Queen stuff for songs like 'Victorious' and 'Emperor’s New Clothes.' That was just a lot of fun. And again, Sinatra creeps back in there, so there are a couple of songs I wrote trying to do like a Nelson Riddle arrangement."

Watch the video below and watch for the album to hit Jan. 15.