Borland Shelves Eat The Day

Former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has put his fledgling band Eat The Day into "indefinite hibernation."

Former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has put his fledgling band Eat The Day into "indefinite hibernation," according to a post on the group's official Web site. Eat The Day spent almost two years struggling to find a lead vocalist, after sifting through hundreds of demo submissions and auditioning several candidates.

"We went through many auditions and there were a couple of moments in which we thought we had found someone who could fill the slot, only to decide later that the people weren't right for us," Borland said. "At this point we moved on to phase two which was trying to look for someone that was a known singer. This too yielded no results."

Eat The Day then attempted to combine forces with the Damning Well, a project that features A Perfect Circle's Josh Freese, Filter's Richard Patrick and Nine Inch Nails contributor Danny Lohner. "Everyone agreed that this might be a good idea, and we began to write together," Borland wrote. "Four weeks later, we realized that our creative differences were too great to be able to produce an entire album's worth of material that we felt good about."

Borland is throwing himself back into his work, including sessions with former Concrete Blonde singer Johnette Napolitano and hard rock act Trust Company. "I feel like I have been absent from the music scene for too long, and I need to be participating again," he said. I will be writing with a couple of very cool bands, and producing other various projects. I also plan on possibly joining a band on tour as a full time guitarist next year."

As previously reported, the guitarist appears on the Crystal Method's upcoming album, "Legion of Boom," due Jan. 13 from V2.