Hillary Clinton: 'I Want to be as Good a President as Beyoncé is a Performer'

 Hillary Clinton 2015
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raises her arms stands on stage during the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention at the Verizon Wireless Center on Sept. 19, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

Hillary Clinton's setting expectations pretty high for her possible future presidency. Speaking to a crowd in Iowa City, Iowa, on Wednesday (Dec. 16), she said she hopes to be as good at being president as Beyoncé is at performing. 

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The statement came when Clinton was asked by an audience member at a town hall session if she would rather be Beyoncé or president.

"Now, if I really had a choice, I'd rather be president because I can't sing," Clinton said. "Nobody would pay to see me sing or dance. Even when I was a way lot younger, it just wasn't in the cards for me."

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Clinton continued, singing Beyoncé's praises. 

"You see her on TV, it's impressive. You see her in person, you're just stunned. Thinking like, how does she do that? Really. I mean, she sings, she's up, she's down. It's just amazing. So it's just not in my astrological reading, I think," the former secretary of state said, before steering the conversation back on point. "So I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer." 

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