The Cult Pays Tribute to Paris Tragedies With 'Deeply Ordered Chaos': Exclusive Video Premiere

The Cult
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The Cult

Like many people, the members of the British hard rock band The Cult were deeply moved by the tragedies in Paris (both on Nov. 13 and earlier this year) and are speaking out the incidents through their music. 

Conceived as a response to the tragedy and massacres in Paris, both the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan incidents, the band's new lyric video for their song “Deeply Ordered Chaos” addresses the attacks. "'Deeply Ordered Chaos' was written after events in Paris in January this year," explains frontman Ian Astbury (who directed the video with Juan Azualy) about the shootings at French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January. "We chose to depict scenes of wild life and outer space to provide a counterpoint to the wave of violent images we are constantly bombarded with and acknowledge the profoundness of being. This is also in response to events in Paris on Nov. 13."

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from forthcoming album Hidden City (out Feb. 5, 2016) addresses the attacks. The video is directed by Juan Azualy and frontman Ian Astbury"The title came from one our greatest painters and visionaries, Francis Bacon, who stated, 'I believe in deeply ordered chaos.' His work and philosophy have had a profound affect on my life," adds Astbury.

Astbury sends his support to those affected by the more recent Bataclan tragedy, where 89 people were killed during an Eagles of Death Metal show. "I have performed at Le Bataclan on four occasions and am deeply shocked and moved by what occurred that evening and have empathy for all those that have been affected by these twisted and hollow actions.”

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Watch the video for "Deeply Ordered Chaos" below. The band's forthcoming album Hidden City will be released Feb. 5, 2016 on Cooking Vinyl.