Osbourne Recuperating In Intensive Care

Ozzy Osbourne is recuperating in intensive care today (Dec. 9), temporarily unable to speak, after a quad bike accident fractured several bones.

Ozzy Osbourne is recuperating in intensive care today (Dec. 9), temporarily unable to speak, after a quad bike accident fractured several bones. His wife Sharon rushed to London to be with the 55-year-old artist following the latest dramatic incident in a colorful career that has taken in bat decapitation, urinating on the Alamo and other outrageous antics.

"Apparently he was on his quad bike and he hit something and he fell and the bike landed on top of him," Sharon Osbourne told reporters after flying into Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles.

She visited her husband at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, west of London, where he underwent emergency surgery Monday to restore the flow to a damaged blood vessel, said Dr. Dick Jack, the hospital's medical director.

The singer fractured his left collarbone, eight ribs and a neck vertebra in the accident on his Buckinghamshire estate in southern England. "His progress is steady, he's stable, he's comfortable," Jack said this afternoon. "It's satisfactory but it's going to be slow. I don't expect any major changes certainly for 24 hours."

He said he believed there was no risk of paralysis from the fractured neck vertebra, although doctors were waiting for the all-clear from neuro-radiologists before removing a hard collar Osbourne was wearing. He added that doctors had started removing a ventilator, which prevented him from speaking, but said the process could take several days.

The accident occurred while the Osbourne was taking a day off from promoting the British release of "Changes," a duet with his daughter, Kelly on a former hit for Black Sabbath. The third season of MTV's hit reality series chronicling the family's life, "The Osbournes," started production about a month ago and is due to begin airing Jan. 13.

In related news, a Saturday story on the Los Angeles Times' Web site reported Osbourne's claim that he was overprescribed a variety of powerful anti-psychotic and tranquilizing drugs by a Beverly Hills physician. Osbourne said he developed a 42-pill per day habit that accounted for his odd behavior on the expletive-laden MTV show, in which he has been seen mumbling, falling and appearing disoriented.

The rocker blamed a Beverly Hills physician, David Kipper, for overprescribing the drugs. Kipper has been investigated for overprescribing to other celebrity patients.

Yesterday, actor/director Danny DeVito issued a statement in support of Kipper. DeVito said he and his wife, actress Rhea Perlman, and other family members have relied on Kipper's care for more than 20 years. Calls to Kipper's office were not returned.

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