Sinead O'Connor's Suicide Scare: The Facebook Posts That Led Up to Her Emergency

Sinead O'Connor
Nicole Nodland

Sinead O'Connor photographed by Nicole Nodland on July 17, 2014 at Brunswick Studios in London. 

Prior to the alarming possible suicide note posted on Sinead O’Connor’s verified Facebook page on Sunday (Nov. 29), there had been a rapid succession of posts detailing her mental anguish over not being allowed to see her youngest son.

In July, O’Connor canceled all her concert dates in order to take care of Shane, who she wrote on Facebook was “suffering with a life-threatening medical condition.”

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Yesterday (Nov. 28), O’Connor posted a lengthy status that began by admitting she was “Desperately in need of a job and a place to live. Can anyone help? Am being treated so badly by my family that can barely manage to stay alive.” What followed was a disturbing letter detailing that she has been depressed since having a hysterectomy in the summer and that her ex husband and eldest son “are refusing to let me see my sons.” It alleges Shane almost beat an animal to death and that he needs medical treatment.  

In subsequent posts -- some almost hourly -- she again asks for a “warm and friendly” place to live and also asks for referral to a 24-hour emergency family lawyer. Another desperate status followed, addressed to a woman (Angela Singleton) whom she accuses of holding Shane against his will and vows will go to jail for this. The next post accuses the same woman “for facilitating sexual abuse against Shane.”

The posts come rapidly, another targeting Wicklow Police for allowing Shane to stay in the house. She then asks: “If anyone in ireland cares about child abuse can you please report Wicklow Gardai to Wicklow Child Protection Services for failing to take proper measures to protect a vulnerable child when his mother begged them for help.”

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An hour later, she posts a lengthy status headlined: “OPEN LETTER TO MY BEAUTIFUL ARCHANGEL, SHANE.” Among other things she says they both need medical help. “They're all insane Shane. You and I are actually not. We both need help yes . But we both know it.”

That same hour, she posts a photo of what appears to be a court order:  “It says joint custody.. and observe the last paragraph.” The paper, dated Nov. 2, 2015, doesn’t appear to show their names. An hour later, there is a short status that says simply: “Monday morning. Both my boys. Wards of court.”

On Sunday, another succinct post: “Anyone in any doubt as to my fitness as a mother is welcome to consult with family services, who have several times confirmed to me in writing that there is no reason why I should not be around my sons, and that I am absolutely a fit mother. The last e mail being only the day before yesterday! Clearly my elder children and their partners and their fathers haven't bothered asking social services. But fancy themselves better qualified.”

Hints O’Connor may have been suicidal came four hours later: “Remember the one about the people who didn't think about what might happen if they didn't stop tormenting a cripple? They found out real hard 'how far is too far' . They woke up next day as murderers, believing they'd gone to bed so high and mighty, and so superior to those they'd deemed 'unfit'.”

Two hours later, O'Connor posted that she had taken an overdose and was in a hotel under a different name. Not long after, reported that O'Connor had been found, was "safe and sound" and was receiving medical assistance.