Sinead O'Connor 'Safe' After Taking Alleged Overdose, Says Source

Sinead O'Connor
Nicole Nodland

Sinead O'Connor photographed by Nicole Nodland on July 17, 2014 at Brunswick Studios in London. 

After posting a Facebook status that read like a possible suicide note on Sunday (Nov. 29), Sinead O'Connor has reportedly been found and is receiving medical assistance after taking an alleged overdose in a hotel room in Ireland. A source close to the situation told Billboard that O'Connor "has been located and is safe." Dublin police had no comment on the situation.

O'Connor's Facebook post -- which seems to have been written by the Irish singer-songwriter -- detailed her struggle with Donal Lunny over their son, Shane, whom O'Connor says she's not allowed to see even though he is "unwell."

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In her post, O'Connor also said she was in a hotel room under a different name and had "taken an overdose."

Fortunately, according to Irish news outlet, the Gardai (Irish police) say Sinead is "safe and sound" and receiving medical assistance.

Read the full post that set off O'Connor's suicide scare below. Prior to the Facebook update below, O'Connor posted a series of updates accusing a woman of holding her son against his will; she also stated, "[I'm] desperately in need of a job and a place to live." More details on that here.

Reporting by Frank DiGiacomo.