Jonathan Groff on 'Hamilton' Success, 'Looking' Movie & Possibility of an Album: 'Maybe Someday'

Jonathan Groff in 'Hamilton.'
Joan Marcus

Jonathan Groff in 'Hamilton.'

“It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Hamilton’s Jonathan Groff tells Billboard of the blockbuster Broadway musical, which he rejoins on Dec. 1 in the role of King George.

The actor/singer called in to the Pop Shop Podcast to discuss Hamilton, the upcoming Looking movie for HBO and the possibility of recording a solo album. Listen below, starting at the 29-minute mark.

Groff says that “It’s so awesome to be a part of something that is successful not because there’s a famous person in it or because it's a revival of something, but because it’s so fresh and original.”

With regards to the incredible success of the cast recording of the album -- which had a historic debut on the Billboard 200 chart -- Groff says it’s “amazing to watch it soar and see how it’s embraced.” He says that it’s “extraordinary to witness” how the music has become popular with mainstream audiences outside of traditional theater fans.

Groff returns to Hamilton on Dec. 1, after taking a month off to film the Looking movie for HBO. The movie is a “wrap-up” to the series, which ran for two season on the network.

In our interview, Billboard said to Groff, “Don’t say ‘wrap-up,’ because there’s always the possibility it could go on, you never know.” Groff -- who is the star of the series and film -- laughed and said, “Oh my god, I love the way you think. OK, I won’t. I’ll stop saying it. I’ll just say, ‘Yeah, we’re shooting the movie of Looking. The first movie of Looking.”

As for his time on the Looking movie set, Groff says, “It’s been so emotional being back … it’s hilarious. We’re all just crying at every turn. It’s been really entertaining.” (The two-hour Looking movie will air in the first half of 2016 on HBO.)

While Groff is certainly a song-and-dance man, he’s still yet to record his own solo album. “Maybe someday,” he says. “If someone pitches me a really great idea for an album, I would do it. I just don’t know exactly why I would do one.”

That said, Groff has sung on no fewer than seven top 20-charting albums on the Billboard 200. Before the No. 12-charting Hamilton cast album, he sang “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” on the No. 1 Frozen soundtrack and its No. 16-peaking spin-off compilation Frozen: The Songs. And then there were his turns on four top 20-charting Glee TV soundtracks, including three No. 1s: Glee, The Music: The Power of Madonna; Glee, The Music: Volume 3 — Showstoppers; and Glee, The Music: Journey to Regionals.