Lance Bass on Adele Smashing *NSYNC Record: 'We Officially Say Bye Bye Bye'

*NSYNC No Strings Attached
Courtesy of Jive Records

Cover art for *NSYNC's 2000 album No Strings Attached.

Lance Bass has a sense of humor about Adele breaking *NSYNC's thought-to-be-unbreakable one week sales record.

"We officially say Bye Bye Bye as @Adele says Hello to the World Record of Most Albums Sold In a Single Week. Congratulations!! #IDemandARecount #NSYNC #Adele," Bass wrote on Twitter.

Joey Fatone Reacts to Adele Breaking *NSYNC's Record: 'I Even Bought the Damn Album'

*NYSNC's second studio album, No Strings Attached, debuted in 2000, moving 2,416,000 units for the week ending March 26. In a little over three days, Adele's 25 surpassed No Strings Attached by moving 2,433,000 in pure album sales, as confirmed by Nielsen Music earlier Tuesday (Nov. 24).

*NSYNC-er Joey Fatone told Billboard earlier today, "Records are always meant to be broken, but with technology and current music business model, I thought this one would be tough to beat. In all honesty, Adele is the truth -- kinda excited a rare talent like hers is in the same breath as our group. I'm a huge fan....I even bought the damn album."