Halsey Shows Skin for 'Playboy,' Talks Learning 'Confidence'

Courtesy of Playboy

Halsey in Playboy's December Issue.

With a collaboration on Justin Bieber’s new album, a spot on The Weeknd’s fall tour and a sold-out stint at Madison Square Garden, haunting songstress Halsey has every reason to be confident these days.

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The Badlands singer exudes that sense of self-assuredness in her Playboy feature “Becoming Attraction.” The Dec. issue is currently on newsstands nationwide, and in it, though clothed, Halsey reveals more than some skin.

Halsey Sells Out Madison Square Garden: Exclusive

“I’ve learned to pull confidence out of myself like I’m fucking siphoning water from 10 feet beneath the soil,” she told Playboy. “My confidence grew from being intelligent, from being sexual. Put me on stage in front of 100,000 people if you want. You can’t scare me.” 

Halsey teased fans via Twitter about her Playboy posing back in August.