Joss Stone Gets Naked for PETA Campaign Against Killing Crocodiles for Fashion: Exclusive

PETA exclusive with Joss Stone

PETA exclusive with Joss Stone

Like Paul McCartney, P!nk and Kesha before her, Joss Stone has linked up with PETA to raise awareness of (and hopefully put a stop to) cruelty against animals.

To draw attention to the unethical treatment of crocodiles killed to make handbags, Stone strips down and dons reptilian body paint for a photo campaign Billboard is exclusively debuting below.

Musicians Who've Posed for PETA

"Although I'm not as familiar with crocodiles as I am with dogs and horses, I know that all animals are capable of suffering," Stone says. "I hope when people see footage of what happens to crocodiles and alligators killed for their skin to be turned into handbags, they'll join me in leaving wildlife out of their wardrobes."

PETA recently ran an exposé showing that some alligator and crocodile skins -- some of which are supplied to Hermès-owned tanneries for luxury handbags -- come from farms that keep the reptiles living in squalid conditions before killing them with methods that can keep them writhing in pain for minutes before dying. As the PETA ad states, three animals are killed to make one crocodile bag.

In lieu of the footage, actress and style icon Jane Birkin -- whose name is attached to the popular Birkin bag from Hermès -- asked for her name to be officially removed from the product "until better practices in line with international norms can be put in place." In responseHermès said one of the several farms in the PETA video did not supply them with animal skin. 

You can learn more about the campaign and sign the petition here