Paris Attacks: 'Imagine' Pianist Reveals Moving Story Behind Le Bataclan Performance

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Flowers and a candle reading "You Will Not Kill Our Freedom" are left on the pavement near the scene of the Nov. 13th Bataclan Theatre terrorist attack in Paris, France. At least 120 people have been killed and over 200 injured, 80 of which seriously, following a series of terrorist attacks in the French capital. 

The mysterious pianist who played John Lennon’s “Imagine” outside of Paris’ Bataclan theatre on Saturday morning (Nov. 14) has shared the heartwarming backstory about his moving performance.

Pianist Plays John Lennon's 'Imagine' Outside Le Bataclan After Paris Shootings

The pianist, who’s been identified as 34-year-old Davide Martello, was watching the France vs. Germany soccer game in a German pub when the bombing began at the Stade de France. Soon after, he was embarking on a 400-mile trip to Paris with his grand piano in tow.

“I wanted to be there to try and comfort, and offer a sign of hope,” Martellot old the Guardian. “I can’t bring people back but I can inspire them with music and when people are inspired they can do anything. That’s why I played ‘Imagine.’”

Martello said he couldn’t perform any other songs after "Imagine." “Even if I wanted to it was just too emotional,” he said, noting that there was blood on his piano from the previous night’s shootings.

Martello also performs under the name Klavierkunst. He's become known for lending his talent and support to other heinous situations, including Charlie Hebdo attacks earlier this year, the Guardian reports.