Pianist Plays John Lennon's 'Imagine' Outside Le Bataclan After Paris Shootings

paris attcks, mourners
Getty Images

A candle with "Pray for Paris" stays between flowers at the gate of the French Embassy following the recent terror attacks in Paris on Nov. 14, 2015 in Berlin. Hundreds of people came throughout the day to lay flowers, candles and messages of condolence to mourn the victims of attacks last night in Paris that left at least 120 people dead across the French capital. 

In the wake of the Friday night (Nov. 13) terrorist attack on Paris' Le Bataclan theater -- which claimed at least 127 lives and left 80 people in critical condition -- a man set up a piano outside the famed venue Saturday morning to play John Lennon's visionary plea for peace "Imagine."

The Guardian has footage of him playing (his identity is not currently known) while people listen and cry.

Lennon's 1971 call for peace notably includes the line "and no religion, too," an especially salient one given that religious extremist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.