Paris Attacks: Hostages Taken at Eagles of Death Metal Concert, 118 People Dead


French security rush as people are evacuated in the area of Rue Bichat in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris following a string of attacks on November 13, 2015. At least 18 people were killed as multiple shootings and explosions hit Paris, police said. Police also said there was an ongoing hostage crisis in the Bataclan a concert hall in the French capital. 

France is under martial law with the president declaring a state of emergency. Its borders are closed in the midst of a series of attacks.

UPDATE 7:39 p.m.: Paris' deputy mayor reported 118 people were killed in the attack at Le Bataclan at the Eagles of Death Metal show.

An eyewitness told Le Figaro the following: "It was chaos. I was on the right in the hall of Bataclan, a song by Eagles of Death Metal was going to end, when I hear noises like exploding firecrackers, I see the singer removed his guitar, I turn I see a guy armed with an automatic weapon that shoots into the air. Everyone folds to the floor. From there, it is the instinct that takes over in each burst, we try to crawl as far as possible shooters."

UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: According to CNN and AFP, "around 100 people" were reportedly killed in the attack on Le Bataclan during a rock show. 

UPDATE 7:13 p.m.: A rep for Portland duo Yacht confirms they're safe in Paris and "likely" canceling their Sunday show in Paris.

UPDATE 6:58 p.m.: CNN affiliate BFMTV reports the police's raid of the venue is over. Two terrorists are dead. Speaking on the police raid, a reporter on France24 said, "What we heard were several detonations, some gunfire as well as some explosions. It sounded to me like some grenades involved... People were climbing down a ladder to escape."

UPDATE 6:51 p.m.: Eagles of Death Metal tweeted they're "still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew."

UPDATE: 6:43 p.m.: Police raided Le Bataclan to rescue the hostages, according to CNN. Approximately 100 people were rescued and 28 people are reportedly still inside, an eyewitness told CNN. 

UPDATE 6:38 p.m.: Wolf Alice (who played Paris tonight) as well as Thundercat and Kamasi have confirmed they're all safe in Paris. MS MR and Deftones, who are also in Paris, reported they're safe. 

French police are currently involved in a shootout with 6-8 gunmen with AK-47s at Le Bataclan as approximately 100 hostages are held inside the concert venue. CNN reports people inside the concert venue are asking police to raid the venue on Twitter, as the gunmen are threatening to execute them one by one. CNN also reports screams and gunfire are still being reported at the venue. 

An eyewitness speaking to CNN (radio journalist Julien Pearce) says he saw about 20 people shot at Le Bataclan. He says the gunmen were in their twenties and unmasked. Agence France-Presse reports 15 people were killed in Le Bataclan. 

French band Red Lemons reports that Eagles of Death Metal -- who were playing Le Bataclan Friday night -- were not taken hostage and escaped, as BrooklynVegan points out: "We are safe. Mikel Ross, Eric McFadden we were with your mates [and EODM member] Jesse [Hughes], Tuesday [Cross, Hughes' partner], the other musicians outside, they're safe too, they took a cab," they wrote on Facebook. Julian Dorio, who was drumming for Eagles of Death Metal during the show and is also a member of the Whigs, is reportedly safe as well, according to Washington Post. Trust Management reports We Are Scientists'  Keith Murray was attending the concert but left 10 minutes prior to the incident, and is safe.

The AP reports "about 15" were killed in the concert hall shooting. CNN reports the total death count in Paris is at least 43, with an estimated 15 of those deaths at Le Bataclan. Around 100 hostages have been taken at the concert hall.

According to Eagles of Death Metal's tour schedule, the California rock band was scheduled to play the venue tonight (Nov. 13). AltPress reports Josh Homme was not with Eagles of Death Metal in Paris, as per a rep for the band. Homme is also a member of Queens of the Stone Age.

Aside from the hostage situation, separate shootings took place in Paris tonight (Nov. 13) and three explosions hit the Stade de France sports stadium during a soccer game. So far, a connection between the events has not been confirmed but they're believed to be terrorist-related. ISIS is celebrating the attacks on Twitter.