Watch Songwriter-Producer J. Viewz Create His Track 'Don't Pull Away' With Gotye and Milosh of Rhye: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video

J. Viewz
Ben Kirschenbaum

J. Viewz

J. Viewz, the stage moniker of Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Dagan, released his soft R&B-lite track “Don’t Pull Away,” featuring Milosh of Rhye recently. As part of his DNA Project, Dagan created a behind-the-scenes look at his travels in the making of the song, which is part of his DNA Project, an innovative, interactive album being created in real-time.

In the video, which Billboard is premiering exclusively below, Viewz explains how visiting with Gotye helped kickstart the beginning of the song-to-be and inspired original sounds to be used on it. “I used my body as a drum set to add drums to the song," he says. "That was a really interesting experiment.” 

Watch below.

”The journey into this song is a good example to why I created the DNA Project; Songs are a result of life, the people you bump into, traveling, being randomly inspired, finding a piece of gear," Viewz tells Billboard. "This project was created to connect these dots into the final result, the song. This video is a quick walkthrough of the evolution of 'Don't Pull Away.'" 

Listen to the finished product of “Don’t Pull Away” below and check out the interactive website for the DNA Project by J. Viewz here