Cher Blasts 'Fake' Ben Carson


Cher poses on October 10, 2013 in Paris. 

Cher has always been one for sharing her stream-of-conscious-style musings on Twitter -- and thank goodness for that.

The latest person to earn her ire? Republican Presidential candidate and -- sorry, Donald Trump, current frontrunner Ben Carson.

Seeming to point to the fact that many people suspect Dr. Carson is running for president merely to generate publicity for his new book, Cher quipped, "Saw Clip of Ben Carson on book signing Tour.He signs book,He & buyer look up,He Fakes Smile 4photo,How much does fake smile cost CHA-CHING."

She also took issue with his, err, interesting theory that the Egyptian pyramids were build by Joseph (he of Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat fame), and that they were used to store grain, as opposed to burial sites. The remarks have generated a lot of headlines in the past few days.

Carson and his unique views on history are leading the current GOP crop of candidates with 29%, according to the most recent NBC News/Washington Post poll