People Played Adele's 'Hello' Video About 1 Million Times an Hour for 2 Days

Adele in the 2015 music video for "Hello."
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Adele in the 2015 music video for "Hello."

Adele’s “Hello” video continues to shatter records. After leaving the Star Wars Episode: The Force Awakens trailer in the dust, YouTube reports that the British soulstress’ comeback visual was played an average of a million times an hour on the streaming site.

According to a YouTube trends report posted on Wednesday, Nov. 4, “Hello” was viewed 50 million times within the first 48 hours of its Oct. 22 release. The video even racked up as much as 1.6 million views in an hour.

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To put the numbers in perspective, YouTube also revealed that Star Wars peaked at 1.2 million views an hour while Justin Bieber’s dance video for “Sorry” was viewed approximately 20 million times within 48 hours.

“Hello” is the lead single off Adele’s upcoming album 25, and holds the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 27-year-old powerhouse revealed her goal for the next LP. 

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"If my music can heal anyone's heart, then that is, like, the most satisfying thing ever," she said.