YouTube's Ad-Free Subscription Service YouTube Red Arrives

Photo: YouTube

YouTube Red has arrived. 

The Google-owned digital streaming website's new ad-free subscription debuted on Wednesday (Oct. 28), kicking off with a 30-day free trial that it has promised to pay content creators throughout. 

YouTube Announces Ad-Free Red Subscription

With the YouTube Red membership, users may watch YouTube without video ads, save videos to watch online and play videos in the background of their mobile devices. 

It is also being delivered with the Google Play Music streaming platform, meaning subscribers gain access to both services. The membership also applies to the company's recently launched gaming app and its upcoming YouTube Music app. Next year, YouTube Red will also offer original series and movies.

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"Creators are the lifeblood of YouTube," senior product manager Matt Leske said in a blog post. "So with Google Play Music subscribers instantly joining YouTube Red, we will pay a portion of the revenue we receive from these subscribers to our creators on day 1. Even with 30 day free trials, our creator community will make as much or more as they would have without YouTube Red." 

With the announcement, YouTube is touting this as not only a new option for viewers but also a means to increased revenue for its content creators. It stated in another post, "our creator community will make as much or more money on YouTube than they would have without it. And on a per-user basis, a paying YouTube Red member will generate more money for creators than a typical ad-viewing, free user."

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But not everyone's willing to take YouTube at its word that this is a benefit for creators. Jason Steele behind the popular YouTube series Film Cow posted his concerns to Twitter, explaining that November is typically the most lucrative month for creators and asking whether the timing of this launch was at all strategic to make any income loss less noticeable.