Student Wears Blackface to Dress Up as Nicki Minaj -- Seriously

Nicki Minaj
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj performs in concert during the X Games at Austin360 Amphitheater on June 5, 2015 in Austin, Texas. 

Halloweenies, what’s good? Well, apparently not society’s understanding that wearing blackface anytime, anywhere, ever is racist.

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That’s right, 2015. Far scarier than any Steven King film is the fact that as another Halloween creeps closer, people still think this offensive act is permissible.

Most recently, a Florida student proudly posted photos of herself as Beyonce-certified rap queen Nicki Minaj.

Wanting to be the “Super Bass” babe for a day? We totally get that. Rubbing black paint on one’s skin and thus throwing it back to a time when white Americans would do so to act out incredibly offensive stereotypes of African-Americans? Unacceptable.   

As the student pursed her lips and paraded around next to some guy who thought he looked like Drake for all the Interwebs to see, The Kid Mero quickly spoke out.

The Twitter account @emmajohns129 was made private and then deleted, according to Complex. This unfortunate trick follows another person wearing blackface for a Kanye West costume in Alabama.

Fun houses should be scary on Halloween. The movies you select to watch with your friends should be scary on Halloween. The amount of candy you manage to knock back in just 20 minutes flat should be scary on Halloween. The state of society’s basic understanding of what’s offensive and what’s not should not be this nightmarish.