Watch 'Hotline Bling' Dance Performed By Chris Lilley/Mr. G

Courtesy Photo
Drake in the "Hotline Bling"

Drake's “Hotline Bling” keeps delivering the memes. Since the release of the video, fans have been pairing his bachata-inspired dance moves with other GIFs and viral media content to produce some pretty ha-ha funny memes. 

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Oct. 24th, Chris Lilley, creator and writer of the Australian HBO series Summer Heights High, posted to Facebook a fan-made video of Mr. G, one of the characters played by Lilley, instructing a dance lesson set to “Hotline Bling.” The choreography matches pretty hilariously with Drake’s own sways and spins. 

Watch the mash-up video below and the actual "Hotline Bling" video below that. Check for yourself if there is any resemblance.