'A Mouth Is a Mouth': 5 Incredible Lines From This Week's 'Empire'

Chuck Hodes/FOX
Jussie Smollett and guest star Ne-Yo in the “Be True” episode of "Empire" airing Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 on FOX.

Between Ne-Yo's guest spot, Cookie pulling out a gun to ward off Lucious' goons and Jamal's shaggy/sleazy video director trying to seduce him and his boyfriend, a lot happened on this week's episode of Empire, "Be True."

Aside from Cookie whipping out her piece and Jamal crooning a killer new song, the dialogue slung by the Lyon family took precedence in this episode. Here are the five best lines from the new Empire.

Meet 'Empire' Breakout Star Jamila Velazquez 

"He was just telling me and Cookie you can really blow!"

After Hakeem brought in unknown singer Laura (played by Jamila Velazquez, who we recently caught up with) to Cookie's Lyon Dynasty, his ex Tiana (Serayah) knocked her down a peg with this less-than-subtle double entendre. Even though Laura isn’t blowing in the aforementioned respect, you can't beat that put-down.

"Jesus do love you -- I don't care what the Bible says."

After Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) learned that Jamal scored a tour slot with Ne-Yo, she offered this retort to the Bible's well-documented homophobic passages.

Ne-Yo On His Open-Ended 'Empire' Guest Spot

"You're asking me to come watch someone dunk you in tap water and pretend all your sins will go away? There is no God. You just need to man the hell up."

These were the harsh words Lucious delivered to Andre after his son asked him to come and see his baptism. While we later learned that Lucious' bipolar mother is partly responsible for his aversion to baptism, this harsh reality check still stood out. On a major American network TV show, a line this viciously atheistic is a rare, risky thing.

"A mouth is a mouth."

Adam Busch's artist character -- who painted a Warholian Jamal piece and directed the Black Panther-inspired music video starring Jamal and Hakeem in the last episode -- dropped to his knees and attempted to fellate Jamal at one point during this episode. When Jamal's boyfriend Michael walks in, he assumes the worst and Jamal storms out. The Artist character's blunt, hedonistic response to rejection: "A mouth is a mouth."

"God knows your heart. Now keep your mouth shut."

While speaking to her son Andre, who has been seized by a religious fervor to confess his sins (many of which are extremely damning to the family), Cookie does what she does best: Puts him in his place while simultaneously protecting her family. With this one line, she reminds him that God doesn't need his confessions to be public – but the family does need his silence.