Tracy Morgan & Demi Lovato on 'Saturday Night Live': 5 Things We Can't Wait to See

Courtesy of NBC
Demi Lovato and Tracy Morgan in a promo for "Saturday Night Live."

It's sure to be a particularly emotional episode of Saturday Night Live on Saturday night (Oct. 17), when former castmember Tracy Morgan returns to studio 8H for the first time since being involved in a car crash in June 2014.

Audiences are sure to be particularly excited to see Morgan revisit some of his most famous characters (we're talking about you, Brian Fellows!), as well as hopefully create some new ones.

Tracy Morgan Performs at Comedy Club for First Time Since Crash

Below, five moments we're hoping to see

1. Demi Lovato -- making her debut as a musical guest -- will likely sing her summer anthem "Cool for the Summer" as well as her new album's title track, "Confident," which she debuted in a bar this week.

2. Lovato's acting background makes it likely the singer might drop by for a sketch or two. Will she put her own take on another current pop star like Ariana Grande or (maybe) friend Selena Gomez? Or perhaps Lovato will get in on the 2016 election fun.

3. We're just going to leave this here as a suggestion.

4. Morgan brought the house down at the 2015 Emmys when he quoted his most famous joke that "someone is going to get pregnant." We can only hope his monologue is the same mix of emotions and jokes. (Likely: Morgan was spotted at comedy clubs in NYC this week getting back in the swing of things.)

5. Watch Morgan drop some Star Wars jokes into a spontaneous flirt session with Lovato below. When is too early to get the Star Wars parody we all know is coming before December?