Mansions on the Moon Premieres 'Heart Of The Moment' Video Starring Lindsey Haun

Mansions On The Moon
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Mansions On The Moon 

Electro-pop band Mansions on the Moon excels in bringing back the classic '80s pop sound, and their latest video pairs that with a futuristic, dream-like world.

The trio's video for "Heart of the Moment" (ft. Zee Avi), which premieres on Billboard below, features a familiar face and stunning visuals. According to the video's director, Steven Nguyen, the video was shot in six hours, but took three months to be digitally rendered.

Actress Lindsey Haun (True Blood) stars in the video, portraying half of a couple navigating a strange world. Haun was also in the group's video for "Somwhere Else Tonight."

"Our intent was to approach a unique love story from the perspective of two women looking for something magical," Nguyen told Billboard.

"Heart of the Moment" is one of the songs featured on Mansions on the Moon's self-titled debut, which was released a year ago this month. The lyrics of the song, written by Jeff Maccora, are based on an out-of-body experience.

You can listen to Mansions on the Moon's debut album below.