Why Lea Michele & Ariana Grande Don't Scream on 'Scream Queens': See Lea's 'Women's Health' Cover

Lea Michele is an old pro at acting scared, but when it comes to actual screaming? Not for her.

The Scream Queens star told Women's Health that she -- as well as co-star Ariana Grande -- recorded their terrified screams in a vocal booth, and on the show it is added in later.

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"I refuse to scream on the show," she explained. "Ryan [Murphy] got me in a booth one day and I told him, 'I'm screaming like twice and then you're going to have to use it the whole season,' because I'm a singer and I was there with Ariana Grande and we were like, 'We can't scream, this is our gift.' So I don't scream, they just dub it in."

Elsewhere in the chat, the actress gave fans hope that we may not have seen the last of Glee superstar Rachel Berry. "I definitely prepared myself as much as possible, leading up to the last day and each day coming into work and being like 'oh my gosh, this is my last scene with this person!'" Michele says about the end of Glee. "I did a lot of the work leading up, but no matter what on that last day it's just kind of like, 'Oh my God, we are never gonna be here ever again (unless we get picked up by Netflix at some point, or Hulu)."