One Direction's Bassist Sandy Beales Jump Starts Solo Career With 'Blind Sea': Exclusive

The track comes from the Drull x Sandy Beales project.

Sandy Beales has gained a significant social media following thanks to working with One Direction as their bassist. 

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The talented musician recently collaborated with Elijah Amant and Sadot White who comprise Drull. The New York duo and 1D bassist are working on an extensive project that currently stands at 10 tracks.  

They were introduced to each other via an email exchange back in 2014 when Amant handled the press for American rock act Wheatus' single "Only You," featuring Beales and Josh Devine, the British band's drummer. The song peaked at No. 42 on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart and led to the two working together on music of their own.

Beales commented, "As far as my role in Drull X Sandy Beales goes, I have recorded my parts of the album over 4 or 5 continents, probably 10-15 different countries, so each song for me has a special relation to the place I was touring at the time."

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Billboard is exclusively premiering "Blind Sea," the debut release of the project. The record sports swelling chords and the ghostly vocals of the Drull members, while Sandy holds down the bassline.