Model Max Emerson: From 'Super-Shameless Comedy' to Super-Serious Song & Movie

Max Emerson 2015
Braden Summers

Max Emerson

His song "Not Enough" is part of an Indiegogo campaign to make the feature film "Hooked," about a homeless teenage gay prostitute.

Max Emerson is a model, actor, host and author with nearly a quarter-million followers on Instagram. (You may have also seen him as the featured man candy in Adore Delano’s music video “DTF.”) Now, he can add singer to his resume, as he recently released his first single, “Not Enough,” featuring Tom Goss.

The somber track was written with and produced by Goss and is part of the promotion for Emerson’s Indiegogo campaign to produce the feature film Hooked.

Emerson hopes to secure $150,000 to produce the movie, where half of its eventual profits will benefit LGBT-related charities. Hooked’s story, written by Emerson, centers on a gay homeless teenage prostitute.

“When I was younger,” Emerson says, “I had a lot of issues with some of the things I had seen in the gay community. I feel like it's kind of eating itself alive in a lot of ways. So a lot of the things I wrote [including Hooked] were in a response to that.”

Though Emerson is best-known as a flesh-baring model who stars in humorous YouTube videos (like the cheeky series Max’s Underpants), he says, “I’m serious about this.”

“For the last couple years I've been doing the Instagram super-shameless comedy stuff to kind of build up a following so that I'd have a means of producing these things that mean more to me.”

“If I got a dollar from every person [that follows me] on Instagram, we would have enough money to make this film, [and] make it amazing.” However, he adds: “It's really hard to get people off their butts.”  

With regards to further music, Emerson says there is a second musical collaboration with Goss waiting in the wings. "We are working on it at the moment. It's gonna be -- pending the success of the campaign, of course -- more of a thank you [to fans]."