Prince Played for Madonna at Intimate Paisley Park Show

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NPG Records 2015

Prince performs during the 'HitnRun' tour at The Fox Theatre on April 9, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan.

Prince and 3rdEyeGirl performed a brief show for about sixty people Thursday night (Oct. 8), with Madonna and her entourage making up about half of that contingent, according to The Current radio station's website. (Madge was in Minnesota to bring her Rebel Heart Tour to St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center.)

"She was not only in the front row, but had perched on the edge of the stage at Prince’s feet, looking up at him adoringly as he sang," writes Andrea Swensson. "There is a face that people make when they are watching Prince play guitar; it’s a gleeful expression that combines the joy of going down a roller coaster with the realization that you are witnessing a moment that might never be recreated by another being that lives on this beautiful Earth. It turns out Madonna also makes that face when she is watching Prince play. As the band stretched out into another jam and Prince ripped into a soul-levitating guitar solo, her mouth relaxed into an awestruck gape, revealing a shiny gold grill underneath her perfect red lipstick."

Madonna Gets Surprisingly Nostalgic at Madison Square Garden

As fans of both know, Madge and the Purple One collaborated on the 1989 track "Love Song" from her classic Like a Prayer album. But it seems last night Madonna was just there to watch -- even though she sat on the stage, she didn't hop up to recreate their 26-year-old duet.

Not that a surprise duet would matter for anyone outside the 60-some people in that room. Prince strictly forbids cell phones or cameras in Paisley Park, so footage of the event will assuredly never see the light of day. Still, it's a fun read -- check it out here.