'SNL' Premiere: Hillary Clinton Cameos as Bartender, Sings 'Lean on Me' (Watch)

Dana Edelson/NBC
Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton as Val during the "Bar Talk" sketch on October 3, 2015.

Hillary Clinton shared a beverage and a tune with Saturday Night Live's version of herself.

The real-life presidential candidate dropped by the NBC sketch series' season 41 premiere this weekend, where she portrayed Val, a bartender who chatted with "Hillary Clinton," as played by castmember Kate McKinnon.

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The fake Hillary told Val that she's easy to talk to, with Val — aka the real Hillary — replying, "That's the first time I've ever heard that."

"Val, I wish you could be be president," the fake Hillary said, to which the real Hillary fires back, "Me, too!" This led to an enthusiastic response from the crowd.

At one point in the sketch, Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) dropped by and tried to buy a drink before frantically exclaiming, "They're multiplying!" and fleeing the bar.

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McKinnon's Hillary and Clinton's Val then sang "Lean on Me," until McKinnon's version awoke from an apparent daydream and was led to believe that Val never existed.

McKinnon's Hillary then picked up a piece of footwear from the ground: "A hard, tan business shoe — I was right, she is real!"

The article first appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.