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The Web's Most Intriguing Music-Related Issues & Destinations. This Week: Queen, Red Ferret Journal, Steve Lamacq and Nic Harcourt.

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN: Defunct superstar rock quartet Queen has launched a dedicated download store featuring all of its catalog available for full album or individual track digital purchases.

Run by 7 Digital Media, the store offers tracks in the Windows Media format, which aren't currently compatible with Macintosh computers or Apple's popular iPod portable devices.

No less than 19 albums' worth of Queen material is housed at the store. Single track downloads cost 99 pence ($1.82), with full albums going for £7.99 ($14.70).

MILLIONS FOR FREE: The Red Ferret Journal site has launched a Wiki collection of links to "1 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks." Wiki is an open-source database, meaning that it can be edited by any viewer who feels like he or she has something good to add.

So the collection is set to constantly grow, aiming toward the titular 1 million, but for starters it does do a good job of tossing out links to a huge amount of legal, free online music. As the site is regularly being updated, it's hard to accurately summarize, but it does focus on licensed, non-copyrighted music and provides the Web surfer with a portal to hours of potential music-listening fun.

ACROSS THE SEA: Two leading tastemaker radio shows are bridging the gap across the Atlantic through an exchange of new music that to be shared online with their respective listeners.

Steve Lamacq, a host on England's BBC Radio 1, and KCRW Los Angeles music director and host Nic Harcourt have agreed to talk once a week and trade their latest recommendations on new hot bands and songs from their countries. Both Harcourt's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and "Lamacq Live" are streamed online, at and, respectively.

KCRW will air Lamacq's picks Thursdays at 8 a.m. ET during "Morning Becomes Eclectic," while "Lamacq Live" will feature Harcourt's latest recommendations Mondays starting at 4 p.m. ET. Each station will also archive the shows online for future streams.

"I'm excited to have a weekly opportunity for both myself and my listeners to hear what Steve thinks is new and exciting from the U.K.," Harcourt says in a statement. Lamacq echoes the sentiment: "I've wanted an American two-way link for a long time and Nic was the number one choice," he says.