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Keith Caulfield answers readers' questions about Anastacia, Brad Cotter, Monica and Missy Elliott.

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I recently heard that Anastacia was going to release her superb new self-titled CD in the United States, but have been unable to locate any information as to the release date. Do you have any information?

Scott D

Hi Scott,

Well, unfortunately, I don't have any news for you. Anastacia's self-titled album is not on Sony's upcoming U.S. release schedule, but that doesn't mean that it will never surface Stateside. Perhaps it may see a release later in the fall.

The album was issued overseas earlier this year by Epic and has sold very well. Upon its release, it debuted at No. 1 on the European Top 100 Albums chart.


Hi Keith,

Can you tell me how [season two "Nashville Star" winner] Brad Cotter's album "Patient Man" is doing on the sales tally? I read that [season one winner] Buddy Jewell sold 50,000 in first few days. Is Brad matching that number?

I am a big fan of his and want to wish him the best.


Hi Kathie,

Buddy Jewell's self-titled Columbia album, which came out in the summer of 2003, sold 52,000 copies in the United States in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart and has sold nearly 489,000 copies to date.

Brad Cotter's debut, "Patient Man," moved 34,000 units in its first week in stores and debuted at No. 4 on the country tally. After three weeks of release, the Epic album has sold 65,000 units.


Hello Keith,

My best friend and I were wondering something. On Monica's latest release, "After the Storm," Monica and Clive Davis are listed as "album producers," while Missy Elliott is listed as the executive producer. Who is more in control of the album?

If you can get back to me, I would really appreciate it. I'm Monica's biggest fan.

Thanks so much,


Hi Shyqil,

Generally speaking, in the pop music realm, the titles of "album producer" and "executive producer" are saved for those who guide the artist while making an album, but aren't necessarily in the studio every day.

For example, Monica's latest single, "U Should've Known Better," was produced by Bryan-Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri. They were the ones actually in the studio, working with Monica and crafting the sound of the finished track.

Certainly Monica, Clive Davis and Missy Elliott had major roles in the finished J album, "After the Storm," but what they did is different than the nuts and bolts recording the various track producers did. But don't think Elliott didn't get her hands dirty; she produced the cuts "Get It Off," "So Gone" and "Knock Knock."