Jimmy Fallon on His Billboard Magazine Cover: 'It Looks Like a Clash Album Cover'

Jimmy Fallon
Courtesy Photo

Jimmy Fallon -- who is currently dominating late night with his next generation approach to The Tonight Show -- is this week's Billboard cover star. And last night (Sept. 17) on The Tonight Show, Fallon whipped out his copy of the magazine to share with the nation.

"I've never looked that good in my life," Fallon joked of the cover shot. "That is a lot of airbrushing."

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With the black-and-white photo and green lettering, Fallon -- a music nerd with eclectic tastes -- noted it reminded him of a classic punk band. "It looks like a Clash album cover, doesn't it?" he said. "I'm psyched to be on the cover of this. I want to thank Jonathan Ringen and Ruven Afanador – that's the writer and photographer."

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