Nick Jonas Wants to 'Set the Mood & Vibe' as Miss America 2016 Music Curator

As the official music curator of the Miss America 2016 Pageant, Nick Jonas says it’s important to make it a “special night as possible for these amazing women competing.”

Jonas will help select the music heard throughout much of the live ABC TV broadcast on Sunday, Sept. 13. That includes the popular swimsuit and evening gown portions of the evening, as well as an important introductory segment to the show. He’ll also provide commentary throughout the show, mostly through social media. (Also onboard for the program: former Miss America Vanessa Williams, who will return as the competition’s head judge.)

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“I first got the call about two months ago,” Jonas says. “They approached me about being involved in the show in some capacity. And they knew that I had done some musical directing and creative directing for Demi Lovato before -- her tour last year -- so the idea came up to have me curate the music and create the atmosphere for the show.”

“Strangely enough,” he says, “I've actually had a decent amount of experience with pageants at this point. Having done a few with my brothers, and hosted before, and all that. So, there's experience there."

The final music selections are still "up in the air" at this point as they get closer to dress rehearsal. But, the tunes heard will “set the mood and vibe” for the evening.

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“There was a general sense of what the right kind of vibe was for the show,” he says. “I feel like it was pretty easy to get an idea of what that should be. For the most part, [it's] a top 40-predominant show with some great country music mixed in, and a little bit of the hip-hip side of things -- but mostly in that top 40 range."

Jonas also says that he will place some of his own music in the show, but most likely instrumental tracks as they go to commercial breaks. “I think it’d be a bit obnoxious if it was all Nick Jonas music,” he says with a laugh.

Might Jonas work in some of Williams’ own hits? After all, she’s charted 13 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including the No. 1 ballad “Save the Best for Last.”

“It could be great. I hadn't actually thought of that yet, but I’ll give you credit if I do throw that in there. ‘Save the Best for Last’ is a classic.” (Billboard then related an example of how the song could be used during the evening gown portion of the show involving lots of flowing gowns while Williams looks on.) “Love that idea.”