Watch Caitlyn Jenner & Boy George Talk Aging, Politics

Courtesy of E!
Boy George and Caitlyn Jenner on "I Am Cait."

Back in July, Caitlyn Jenner and Boy George met backstage at the '80s pop legend's L.A. concert. Now, E! is sharing an advance clip of Sunday's I Am Cait episode, which reveals what happened when Jenner and George met.

"I remember you back in the '80s and I had obviously all of my issues and this and that, and obviously I followed you, and I'm so glad to see you back and be here tonight and celebrate that," Jenner said, nodding to George's Culture Club days.

For his part, the U.K. singer opined that coming to embrace your true identity is something that often comes with age -- and he lauded Jenner for the good she's doing in the world.

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"Now that you're getting a little bit older, you operate from a different level of consciousness," George told Jenner. "You have this wonderful opportunity to do so much good. When I was 19 I was so full of my self-importance. I can't say that I was leading a political thing, it was just me being myself, which in and of itself is quite powerful."

"That was the same way I got," Jenner recalls of her Olympian past.

Watch the clip below.