Here's What Jay-Z Thinks About Social Media, Courtesy of Meek Mill

Mike Pont/FilmMagic
Jay Z attends 2015 Throne Boxing at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 9, 2015 in New York City. 

Meek Mill has had it with social media haters, and he decided to express his frustrations in an Instagram post. In the middle of his personal rant, he happened to mention the wise words of Jay Z, revealing just what Hova thinks of social media.

"Jayz once told me this social media world was created for people that wouldn't even speak if they wasn't present," he wrote. "For people that was scared to approach a male/female and hold a conversation if they wanted to a number or ask to go on a date! He also said you can't speak truth on here because this is the fake people world and they gone hate you for that ...People are in love with this lifestyle more than people!"

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Considering Jay's sparse use of social media, it's not hard to believe that what Meek said is true. Jay Z reportedly joined Instagram on Aug. 29, posting a birthday tribute to the late Michael Jackson, but deleted the app a mere 14 hours later after quickly gaining 100,000 followers.